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A little boy from Oakland City, Indiana, grew up listening to Kitty Wells, Wanda Jackson, Hank Thompson, and Claude Grey and learned to appreciate the “Golden Age of Country Music.”  Now he is performing on stages all over the United States singing music he believes in, music he can sing from the heart.

     “I love the true country artists like Connie Smith, Jean Shepard, Bill Anderson and Leona Williams,” Jay Michaels said.  “I remember Minnie Pearl said go out there and love them and they’ll love you right back.  Oh, how right she was!”

     Jay always sang at home, at school, and in church.  He claims to have been pushed onto a real stage by a family friend, and as terrified as he was to perform in front of all the people, he realized he loved it. As he walked off the stage, he found out he loved it.  Performing on stage became his lifelong passion after that first show.

     “What amazed me was Jay’s memory, and how many songs he knew and how he never forgot a name,” Mike Hayes, a fellow band member and booking manager said. “I always told him that he could sing anything, country or classic rock.  Country music is where Jay’s heart will always be. He sings from the heart, and you can feel the emotion.”

    When asked what does your music mean to you, Jay Michaels had a simple answer.  “My music is life. People always tell me that when I am singing it is like I am living the song.  I tell them, I have lived most of the songs.  That is what country music is.”

     As a young boy, songs like “Heart Break USA” by Kitty Wells, “I’m in the Middle of a Heartache” by Wanda Jackson and “I’ll Just Have a Cup of Coffee Then I’ll Go” by Claude Gray reached in and grabbed my heart.  I always knew I’d be a country singer on some level because I have the heart for it, Michael explained.

     Michaels has carried this throughout his career with his originals and the albums he has recorded.  The music he started out listening to as a little boy has influenced him through life, and he wants to spread that music to his fans. 

     “I want my fans just to see me and always be approachable to them. I am someone with a big heart, and lots of love,” Jay stated. “I want to be their friend, and I want to hear their stories as much as they want to hear mine.”

     For more information on bookings and Jay Michaels contact his booking manager Mike Hayes @ 812-664-6000

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Paul Vance (Bass), John Kemp Sr. (Drums), Jay Michaels, Stu Townsend (Lead Guitar)

Mike Hayes, Booking Manager

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